Red Bull dominate free practice at Interlagos

Following their excellent start with a one-two result in both of Friday's free practice sessions, Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber were feeling reasonably optimistic about the rest of the Brazilian GP weekend. However, they were reluctant to read too much into the first two outings.

For example, Vettel was faster than Webber in the morning and the afternoon but did not regard this as particularly significant: "I think that it was quite good, with the obvious reservation that topping the Friday timesheets is not the most important objective of the weekend. That comes tomorrow and especially on Sunday, Anyway, we'll see."
Webber was talking in terms of a good Friday. He was not unduly worried by the fact that Vettel had been quicker in free practice: "Look, he went out on track later than me and there's not much difference in the times anyway. I think we're very much on a par at the moment."

Fernando Alonso produced the third-best performance on the day, a good three-and-a-half tenths down on the leaders but still ahead of Lewis Hamilton, Felipe Massa, Robert Kubica, Jenson Button and Nick Heidfeld.

Hamilton could not conceal a tinge of envy in his post-session interviews, emphasising repeatedly that he did not have as much grip as Red Bull, that the Red Bulls were so much faster and that he couldn't compete with them in dry conditions: "We are a clear half second behind Red Bull. There's no way we can keep up with them in the dry, but rain, engines and reliability could play a major role in the final two races. And hopefully, the element of reliability is going to be an advantage for us."
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