Friday rush hour in November named as the UK's crash hour

Pay extra attention while driving home from work this evening, as apparently the hour between 5pm and 6pm in November is the most dangerous for motorists in the whole year.

A study has shown that motorists are more than twice as likely to be involved in an accident on a Friday as on a Sunday, the quietest day of the week for prangs, while 9.2 percent of all crashes happen in November. There were no stats to suggest precisely which Friday of this month is the most risky though sadly.
The study, compiled by accident management company Accident Exchange, showed that of all the times of the day, the 5pm to 6pm saw 8.84 percent of crashes, just ahead of lunchtime's 8.79 percent.

The combination of the clocks going back and the resulting darker evenings, the wet weather and evening fatigue are all said to be contributors to the evening mayhem.

"The statistics are just a word of warning at a time when driving conditions start to change for the worse for the winter months or so," says Lee Woodley of Accident Exchange.

"However, the factors contributing to an accident are so numerous that the best advice is remain vigilant at all times and drive to the conditions around you."
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