Button feels for Webber

Stephan Heublein

Mark Webber created quite a stir off track at the Brazilian GP by accusing Red Bull of preferring team-mate Sebastian Vettel. Jenson Button sympathises with the Australian: "We've all found ourselves in a situation we weren't happy with and where we felt that we weren't wanted in the team." He himself had to make way for Fernando Alonso at Renault in the 2002 season, which is why he can understand Webber's frustration.

"It must be tough for Webber," continues Button. "It always mattered a lot to me to be involved and to feel I was really part of the team. It was important to feel that I was wanted. If you don't have that feeling, it's very difficult for a driver. I've heard and read a few of Mark's comments. It seems that he doesn't have a sense of being appreciated. That must be a very difficult position to find yourself in."