Webber hits back at Berger's claims with cynicism

The situation is almost like McLaren, 2007. Only this time, the unpopular person wears dark-blue overalls, not silver ones, and hails from Australia, not Spain. Mark Webber feels like the number two driver at Red Bull, but as second in the world championship table, he's ahead of Sebastian Vettel.

Many experts would concentrate their efforts on Webber, but a team orders decision to that effect is a long way off and will probably never come. "It's not happened yet, so it will never happen," says Webber sincerely.
Webber thinks that his team are only fully behind him in the technical sense, but on a personal level, they're closer to Vettel: "It's obvious really, isn't it? When a young chap comes along, you feel an affinity to him. That's absolutely fine. I've had some wonderful opportunities this year and a great car in which to achieve some super results. I've got my favourites in life too, people that I like to be around. It's normal, it's the way we are."

Gerhard Berger is definitely not one of his favourites. After the Korean GP, the Austrian made certain claims on Red Bull's TV channel, Servus TV: after his accident, Webber had deliberately tried to take out Alonso or Lewis Hamilton but had crashed into Nico Rosberg. Such criticism is like water off a duck's back: "I've got a thick skin," says Webber.

"I never put anybody at risk," he added in his defence. "I lose control of the car and according to Berger, suddenly regain it and try to trash others. I must be some kind of genius, right?"
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