External combustion: Five automotive bonfires

Perhaps Guy Fawkes started out a little too ambitious with the Houses of Parliament - it was a big ask, getting a big medieval palace to take light like that.

He might have considered trying a nice petrol-filled car - we've collected a series of unfortunate clips (well, five) that show how easily it can be done...without even intending to, in fact. Click below to have a watch.
1. Jos Verstappen, 1994 German GP

Jos Verstappen's pit stop fire at the 1994 German GP is perhaps one of the most iconic of racing incidents - luckily everyone involved got away with nothing more than minor injuries, as then-mechanic Steve Matchett tells Speed TV in this clip.

2. Froilan Gonzalez, 1950 Dutch GP

Here's the granddaddy of them all, the Pampas Bull (although to be honest he looks more Builder's Bum here) at the Dutch Grand Prix in 1950.

Pouring petrol into the car using a bucket and a massive funnel is frankly shocking, but Gonzalez looks to get away with it in his short-sleeved shirt - he even manages to get the car going again after some judicious sledgehammering by his mechanics.

3. Kimi Raikkonen, 2009 Brazilian GP

Kimi gets sprayed with petrol at the Brazilian GP 2009 after Heikki Kovalainen drives off from his pit stop with the fuel hose still attached to his McLaren.

This was probably the final nail in mid-racing refuelling's coffin, but it certainly added some spice to the race. At around 15 seconds into the video it looks like Marty McFly's been through Interlagos in the DeLorean.

4. Ferrari F430 catches fire

Back in 2007 before it all became fashionable, this Ferrari F430 was caught on the motorway in the Philipines shortly before catching fire and holding up the traffic.

Flame red doesn't suit all Italian supercars then...

5. LPG safety

We think the main message to take away from this video is not to set your car on fire in the first place, but here is a suitably potent educational video on the perils of getting your LPG conversion fitted by a cowboy.

The Golf and the AX we were quite upset about, but we could watch that Maestro explode all day long...

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