Whitmarsh: Championship outcome "will not be overshadowed"

Stephan Heublein

One of the closest-fought world championships of recent years could ultimately be decided by what happened on the 49th lap of the German GP in Hockenheim. Felipe Massa visibly eases up on the gas and allows his team-mate Fernando Alonso to cruise past. This results in victory for Alonso, seven extra points in the title chase - and an ear-splitting chorus of jeers and whistles from disgruntled fans in the grandstands.

Max Mosley fears that if Alonso takes the title by a margin of fewer than seven points, this could bring the 2010 Formula One championship and indeed the whole series into disrepute. As Red Bull team principal Christian Horner also commented recently: "That would be hugely disappointing, because we are all operating under the belief that team orders are illegal."