Dull Britannia - a third of new cars are sold in grey

A third of new cars sold in the UK are grey and a staggering 76 per cent of them are ordered in black, white, grey or silver according paint firm PPG.

Fleet buyers, who form the majority of new car sales, are driving up demand for neutral colours in order to maintain maximum resale value.
The situation is quite different to ten years ago, says PPG, when blue cars accounted for 25 per cent of sales and 15 per cent of cars were green.

Grassy hues now account for less than one per cent of orders, which the paint manufacturer puts down to the higher price of coloured paint options and general fashion trends.

PPG boss Jane Harrington said: "The palette of colours being developed is influenced by culture, nature, fashion, movies, media, electronics and many consumer products.

"Fashions for car colours regular go through changes - as the rise and fall of green has shown."

White has enjoyed a renaissance in the past ten years, jumping from the bottom of the colour charts to a massive 20 per cent share.

Wider circumstances could also play a part, with consumers tending towards duller colours as the country is gripped by an economic downturn.

All of which means we're less likely than ever before to see cars like this Ford Focus RS in retina-searing green brightening up our streets.

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