Steven Gerrard's Range Rover Sport up for sale

Liverpool captain and England ace Steven Gerrard has traded in his year-old Range Rover Sport – so that he can buy another one.

It has been customised by bespoke tuning firm Overfinch and features Gerrard's jersey number, eight, festooned about the interior.
This car can be yours for a mere £68,000 if you want it, a useful saving on the more than £80,000 that Gerrard paid for it new.

The footballer earns £100,000 a week, though, so the loss only represents about a day's wages for him.

He buys a new Range Rover every year and so has hardly had any time to enjoy the 445lb ft of torque, the bespoke interior and the super-exclusive alloy wheels he bought for this car that were one of 25 sets made.

There seems to be quite a trade in selling famous people's cars – first it was Wayne Rooney's Mini Cooper GP that sold for £13,450 (although not much of a mark-up there), then it was Maradona's Porsche on sale for £320,000 (that's more like it).

Personally we're holding out for Vanessa Feltz's Nissan Figaro if she's willing to sell.
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