Nissan's vision of the future looks a lot like Renault's

Nissan has revealed what it calls the 'New Mobility Concept' in Japan, but the innovative concept does bear a remarkable resemblance to the Renault Twizy, which was revealed in near-production form at the Paris motor show.

The Japanese manufacturer says that the concept will bring 'new mobility in a sustainable zero emission society'.

As you can see from this Paris picture, though, it appears Nissan's creative process in envisioning this bold emissions-free society extends merely prising off one set of badges and glueing on some more.

Both companies had said at Paris that they intended to produce EVs off their own backs using their own strategies, not relying on the alliance between the two.

Nissan offers no information as to whether the New Mobility Concept will make it to production, but clearly Nissan hopes to bolster its environmental chops ahead of the launch next month in the US and Japan of the Leaf EV followed by January 2011 in Europe.

The Leaf is all the work of Nissan and arguably puts the company in a leading position with regard to environmentally-friendly vehicles ahead of the Chevrolet Volt/Vauxhall Ampera going on sale next year.
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