We need to stop copying the Germans, says Volvo CEO

Volvo's new CEO Stefan Jacoby says the company needs to 'stop copying the Germans' and get back to its Swedish roots.

He has also poured cold water on the new Volvo chairman's idea of building a car to rival the BMW 7 Series.
Jacoby wants the brand to focus on luxury cars and strive for simplicity in its styling. He said: "You can immediately recognise you're sitting in a BMW or an Audi and I don't think Volvo is there yet. Volvo at the moment is not sharp enough or in harmony with what the brand stands for."

Geely chairman Li Shufu said after his firm bought Volvo in March this year that the company needed a big car to rival the BMW flagship because it would sell well in China.

The Volvo boss doesn't want to consider a new big car until the firm has met its target of doubling sales to 800,000 in the next nine years.

Jacoby has some experience in this area – he was in charge of Volkswagen USA when the ill-fated Phaeton first came out.

The company is currently putting together a strategy for expansion which will be ready in the next six months.
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