Lauda: Alonso currently best driver

In theory, five drivers are still in with a chance of clinching the title. Four of those have some realistic hope, but Niki Lauda thinks that only Fernando Alonso and Mark Webber are really in the running for the world championship. He reckons that Sebastian Vettel is now out of contention.

Lauda thinks that Fernando Alonso is the better of what he considers to be the two remaining title protagonists. Actually, he regards Alonso as currently the best driver in F1, although Webber may have the better car. "Vettel can't take the championship now," said the three-time world champion, "so Red Bull must focus all their efforts on Webber."
He expects that Webber's car will be better than Alonso's for Brazil and Abu Dhabi: "But Alonso is better than Webber. He's right at the top of my rankings. Alonso is the best of all today's Formula One drivers." It was obvious to him that Alonso would win a shoot-out with Webber, given the same car.

That's not how it is, though, which is why he's not writing off Webber's chances just yet. Of course, Vettel has a part to play: "Webber can only win if Vettel doesn't get in his way. Vettel has to take points from Alonso, not Webber – otherwise Red Bull can't swing it their way."
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