Million-dollar Audi for Israeli PM

Israel will shortly take delivery of a long-wheelbase Audi A8L for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu – and it is expected to set them back over $1m.

The country understandably takes its security very seriously, and protection from roadside bombs and high-calibre rifles comes at a price.
The basic limo comes with a 6.0-litre W12 engine as standard, which produces a nifty 444bhp, and a suitably fancy interior which includes a DVD player, fridge and even a humidor for keeping your cigars moist.

Modifications to the car have been carried out in secret in accordance with the exact requirements of the Israeli security services but are understood to include full ballistics protection (including bulletproof tyres), an independent oxygen supply and explosives to blow the doors off if they get jammed by shockwaves.

The base package of the A8L will set you back a little over $600,000, but high import taxes in Israel and the number of security features being added will tip the Audi over a cool million dollars, making it the most expensive car in the country.

The Prime Minister's Office said, "The vehicle intended for the prime minister has a high level of protection, as specified by the security forces, and was therefore chosen in a tender for vehicles capable of carrying the required protection level."

Autoblog didn't spot any men in dark glasses with suspicious bulges in their suit jackets at the Paris motor show, but you do have wonder where you shop for this kind of thing.

The car is expected to arrive in Israel in the next few weeks and it is reported that two more are on the order books for the PM's fleet.

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