Lose weight for Christmas with a diet plan

Caroline Cassidy

If you want to slip into that gorgeous Christmas party dress, it could be time to consider losing a few pounds before the holiday season starts.

Woman standing on scales
Woman standing on scales

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But fad diets are generally best avoided so what else can give you that extra incentive? How about joining a dieting group or signing up to an online diet plan?

Possibly the most famous of these is Weight Watchers. With regular meetings to provide guidance and support and over 40 years of expertise many have succeeded with their plan.

The points system is easy to stick to (whilst allowing you the odd treat) and these days the supermarkets a full of Weight Watchers ready meals to make it easier for the reluctant cook.

Similarly Rosemary Conley has been advising us on diet and fitness for some years now. Her own plan provides colour-coded portion pots, enabling slimmers to keep an eye on portion control, as well as weekly fitness classes with qualified instructors.

Newcomers are discreetly weighed-in and given a personal calorie allowance to set your target. Meeting others with similar goals might just spur you on too.

Alternatively if you join online (from just 22p per day) at www.rosemaryconley.com, you'll have access to delicious recipes, weight-loss and fitness coaches for help and support and an interactive food and fitness diary.

Another group-based plan is Slimming World. Attend a Slimming World group and you'll be greeted by a consultant as well as fellow members. Your weight remains entirely confidential and session include IMAGE Therapy (Individual Motivation And Group Experience) in which fellow slimmers can share their ideas, recipes and stories. Once again, it's great for those who find it easier to lose weight with the support of others who are battling to control their own weight.

If, however, you prefer to do your dieting in the comfort of your own home, supermarket brands such as Tesco and Sainsbury's now run their own online diet clubs.

Sainsburys Diets offers a flexible service giving you the option of a personalised meal plan, a food diary service and a body shape toning plan. There are recipes for everyone (including vegetarian and gluten-free) and the service means you can switch between the options whenever you like for a price of just £2 a week.

And Tesco might offer just what you need because the supermarket giant has just launched its Little Black Dress diet plan, specifically designed to have you looking fabulous for the party season.

Whatever your preference, a diet plan could be the way forward if you are looking to lose weight steadily and sensibly... with the support you need to stick to it.

Have you tried any of these diet plans and did they work for you? Let us know below.