Supplements for beautiful skin and hair

Caroline Cassidy

You've come through the summer with shiny locks and pimple-free, sun-tanned skin... but with winter setting in, both can take a turn for the worse.

Young woman smiling
Young woman smiling

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But never fear... help is at hand in the form of essential vitamins and supplements to keep your gorgeous visage as healthy and fabulous as ever.

We don't need to tell you that a healthy balanced diet is essential to keeping the skin and hair healthy but if the cold and damp are already taking their toll, you may want to consider an extra boost by way of supplements.

For your skin, vitamin C is important - it keeps the skin firm as it is used to form collagen. If you are not a big fruit and veg-eater, tablets are available in a variety of forms.

Similarly vitamin E can help maintain your skin's appearance and good health. Fatty acids, such as those found in fish oil and evening primrose oil, help the skin to retain moisture and give that beautiful soft, supple and thereby youthful.

For the hair, many swear by amla berries. There hasn't been much scientific research into this little berry's benefits but it has been used for centuries in the Aryuvedic tradition and is believed to promote healthy hair, skin and muscle tone, and gooseberry oil, which is derived from the amla berry, provides heavenly hydration.

If you'd like to give it a try, Neil George produces a set of hair products to put the shine back into your locks.

Of course, there are clever people who have put a host of superfoods into one handy little pill.

Phytonutrients capsules from The Organic Pharmacy pack anti-oxidant-rich spinach, broccoli, spirulina and wheat grass into a hair, skin and nail-boosting £25 bottle.

Meanwhile Christian Bergman's Deep Dew is a Swedish supplement that has been dubbed "botox in a pill". It combines oils, vitamins E and C, extract of blueberries, mallow and grape seeds and claims to stimulate collagen production - not bad for just under £20.