Speed camera jammer banned from driving

A driver has become the first in the UK to be banned from driving for using a device that prevented police speed guns from recording his speed.

Jamie Shreeve, 21, was pulled over in his Vauxhall Astra on 2 October when police officers saw him travelling at what they thought were speeds in excess of 70mph.
When their radar gun failed to show a reading, Sgt Geoff Bowers radioed colleagues to get them to stop Shreeve at a nearby roundabout where they discovered the laser jammer under his bumper and wiring to connect it to an on-off switch in the cabin.

Norfolk police only became aware of such devices back in March of this year when they found one on a Porsche 911 Turbo on the A47. The gadgets are fixed to the outside of the car, and are sold on the internet for up to £500. Speed camera locators, like the one pictured above, are not illegal, but Shreeve was found guilty of obstructing the police in their duty by interfering with their radar guns.

Shreeve is the first driver to be punished for using a jammer, receiving a 30 day driving ban and a fine of £100 plus £85 costs, but there is a queue of 10 other motorists awaiting trial.

Annette Hall, acting for the defendant, told Great Yarmouth magistrates: "This device is not illegal to sell and not illegal to purchase and that is clearly an area that needs to be looked at.

"There are numerous devices like these to be found on the internet that can be set up as a parking sensor as well."

She added: "He accepts that because he had it switched on, he was wilfully obstructing the police officer."
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