Last ever Aston Martin Vanquish S goes up for sale

If you fancy a slice of Aston Martin history, dealer group JCT600 could have just the car you're looking for. Problem is you'll need a pretty healthy bank balance to take advantage...

The Leeds-based dealership is selling the last ever Vanquish S to be made at the maker's now-defunct Newport Pagnell production line – for £15,000 more than it cost new!
The 6,000-mile supercar is number 50 of 50 'S' models to be built by hand at the iconic factory before manufacturing switched to Gaydon, Warwickshire.

But how can JCT600 justify the £199,995 price tag when it 'only' cost £184,000 new?

'It's very hard to price a car like this,' said the group's Aston Martin brand manager Mark Hill. 'But this was the last car out of Newport Pagnell and took 400 hours to build by hand. I priced it on a gut feeling. It's the perfect car for a collector and we've had interest from around the world.

'In recent weeks I've sold cars to buyers from Malaysia, New Zealand and Germany - we really are a worldwide dealership. That's why I think this Vanquish S can command the price we've put on it.'

The car - chassis number 502593 - is owned by Aston Martin and is being sold on behalf of the manufacturer. It features a 520bhp V12 powerplant and is finished in Ultimate Black.

'I've driven it and can only describe it as an event,' added Hill. 'From the second you push the starter button and the V12 roars into life you realise you are in a very special car that requires total respect.

'Newport Pagnell was a magical place and I can see this car sat in a museum somewhere and being cherished for years to come.'

What remains unclear though, is why Aston Martin is letting a slice of its history go...

To see the listing for the car on the dealer's website type - - into a browser.

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