Geely scores zero in new crash test

There are plenty of videos on the internet of Chinese manufactured cars performing scarily badly in crash tests, but as most are a couple of years old it could be thought that the likes of Geely had upped its game slightly.

But that appears to be wishful thinking, as a south American crash assessment gave the Geely CK 1 1.3 precisely zero stars out of a possible five for adult occupation protection.
The newly established Latin NCAP used similar testing methods to its European equivalent, and selected the Geely (which bought Volvo for £1bn earlier this year) as it was one of the best selling cars in the Latin American and Caribbean market. The testers described protection for the driver as being "Poor for most body regions." They went on to say that there was: "Significant collapse of the body shell during test."

Amazingly, even with this shocking damnation and the lack of airbags in the Geely (according to NCAP the Geely has a passenger airbag switch but doesn't have an airbag, although it went on to say that installing an airbag would be pointless as "the body shell integrity is not good"...), it managed to score better in the child safety category, scoring two out of five. This was despite Latin NCAP saying: "Unfortunately child occupant safety in the region is not as developed as in other parts of the world. Child restraint use is very low in this region."

A quick glance at the other cars NCAP assessed show there's a more relaxed attitude to the inclusion of safety features in South American models - including the Geely, four were tested without airbags, as there is the option to buy them with or without the life-saving technology.

No car scored higher than four stars – the Toyota Corolla achieved that honour – and three – the Fiat Palio, Volkswagen Gol and Peugeot 207 – all managed just a solitary point when tested without airbags.

The full list of cars tested is below, and on the Latin NCAP website here.

Geely CK 1 1.3, No airbags – Zero stars for adult occupant protection, Two stars for child protection
Fiat Palio ELX 1.4, No airbags – One star, Two stars
Fiat Palio ELX 1.4, With Airbags – Three stars, Two stars
VW Gol Trend 1.6, No Airbags – One star, Two stars
VW Gol Trend 1.6, With airbags – Three stars, Two stars
Peugeot 207 Compact 5p 1.4, No airbags – One star, Two stars
Peugeot 207 Compact 5p 1.4, With Airbags – Two stars, Two stars
Chevrolet Meriva GL Plus, With Airbags – Three stars, One star
Toyota Corolla XEI, With Airbags – Four stars, One Star
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