Video: Aston Martin gets the star treatment

It's heady times for Aston Martin at the moment. Only last month the company topped a list of the UK's coolest brands, this month it appears to have successfully scaled the critical peaks of America's two most prolific supercar buyers – rappers and Jay Leno.

First, the musician. Even if you're only partially aware of Aston's long and illustrious history, the sight (and sounds) of rapper Rick Ross's testimony to the venerable British manufacturer is likely to make you squirm, although the firm's US marketing division are probably pinching themselves.

Slightly more pertinent is the V12 Vantage's endorsement by Leno. The talk show host is an aficionado of almost unparalleled passion, and even if he has a tendency to waffle on a bit, the man's insights and appreciation deserve a considerate ear.

The cars, by the way, look absolutely fantastic in both videos. To see a brand riding the crest of a wave in two very different ways, click on the link below.