10 top money saving iPhone apps

Apple has been telling us for ages that whatever you want, 'there's an app for that' - and it appears that's true. The Apple store now has more than 300,000 apps available.

From the thousands of apps on offer, Which? Money's experts have picked ten of the best money-saving apps for you to download.

1. Benpal - Free
BenPal's Pension Modeller lets you forecast your pension. By inputting your age, income and contribution you can estimate your likely pension from a defined contribution scheme.

2. Paypal - Free
Paypal's app lets you check transactions and balances, as well as making transfers to your account and others'. The app also enables you to 'bump' money from one account to the next by touching two iPhones together.

3. UK tax calc - 59p
The UK tax calc can help you estimate your income tax and national insurance as well as student loan and pension contributions. It claims to use official HMRC data to provide an estimated breakdown of weekly, monthly and annual payments.

4. Fidelity - Free
This app from investment company Fidelity gives you performance and price information for 1,000+ funds from its fund supermarket. You can also use the app to invest in funds, but the level of info is not as detailed as on its website.

5. Axadent - Free
Axa and insurer More Th>n offer Axadent, a tool that helps you record relevant info following a car accident – including photos of damage. The app – also available to non-Axa customers – also lets you exchange details.

6. 0870 - Free
Downloading the Say No to 0870 application will help you avoid phonelines that charge up to 35p a min. The app can instead find you a normal-rate landline number rather than a charging line.

7. Account Tracker - £1.79
Account Tracker is one of a number of budgeting apps that can help you with your daily expenses. This app is simple to use, has detailed instructions and stores photos of receipts. A lite version is available for free.

8. Petrol prices - £2.99
This Petrol prices app checks for the cheapest petrol prices in your area. You can use it to check over 11,000 stations, by searching via town or by postcode. We found that using it regularly could save a typical driver hundreds of pounds a year.

9. Red laser - Free
Red Laser bills itself as the 'impossibly accurate barcode scanner'. It turns your camera into a barcode scanner, so you can scan items and find out where you can buy them most cheaply, saving you time and money.

10. Voucher cloud - Free
The Voucher cloud app has hundreds of deals which are delivered directly to your iPhone so you can save money on cinemas, restaurants and more.

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