Frustrated Vettel bites steering wheel

Stephan Heublein

Sebastian Vettel was the unluckiest man on the track today. Autoblog UK spoke to the German driver after his retirement in the Korean GP.

It's amazing how you seem to shrug off a disappointment of that magnitude.

Sebastian Vettel: What else can you do? At the moment when I realised that the engine had just popped - that was exiting the final turn - I first bit my tongue and then the steering wheel. When I saw Alonso and Hamilton go past, I knew that there was no way back. I lost one side of the cylinder block first, then the other side on the back straight. After that, I just parked the car and had the same hollow feeling then that I have now. I had been proud of my performance up to that point, because it was one of the toughest races of the season on a track that I wasn't familiar with. I haven't driven many laps in really wet conditions, but contrary to expectations, I showed that we can still be faster than the others - even in the rain. I dominated the race on both sets of tyres - heavy wets and intermediates. I tried to look after my tyres so that I would be able to attack near the end if the situation demanded it. But then my engine failure put paid to that.