Women's parking championship - the results we have all been waiting for

Frequently the butt of jokes both good and bad, women and driving is a combination that will usually get at least one half of the sexual divide chuckling.

But we're a pretty fair bunch here at Autoblog and happy to let drivers of the fairer sex have an even fairer crack of the whip - in a non-patronising way, of course, so we present the good and bad of female parking.
We featured this video a few weeks highlighting some wonderfully rubbish parking:

But clearly there are plenty of women out there more than capable of squeezing into a tight spot, so tight in fact that you couldn't squeeze a stiletto heel into the gap separating the bumpers. Not that we'd recommend driving in stilettos in the interests of safety, of course.

Anyway, here are those parking princesses in action, all vying to get hold of the Mercedes SLK top prize. Hmmm, should they be allowed out in such powerful cars? Let us know what you think.

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