Qualifying disappointment for Button

Jenson Button expects an exciting race, but from his start position, he's just about given up any hope of successfully defending his championship title: "Defending my title is going to be hard now. The way the track is configured, though, there'll be a lot of action on the first lap. Both Alonso and Lewis have got quick cars on the straights, so it will be a fun, first lap." The same could be said of Button actually, but for the moment, the frustration from qualifying is uppermost in his mind.
One of his complaints is that he had expected more from practice in view of the fact that his car had been quick all weekend. "We couldn't find any grip. I don't know if it was down to the cold conditions or something else. We struggled to get any heat into the tyres. Both fronts and rears were locking up. Lewis is a couple of positions up on me, but is placed fourth only. That shows that the car isn't quite where we would have expected after yesterday. We could still enjoy a good race, though. Seventh is not great, but we're on the clean side," added Button.

At the end of the day, everyone was feeling a tad disappointed, including team boss, Martin Whitmarsh. He was certain that the cold track temperatures hadn't helped his team. "It was hard getting the tyres up to temperature and the length of the track is such that you have to push hard to squeeze in two laps, but we have a quick race car and we'll do our best," promised Whitmarsh.
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