A third of white van men are actually women

It seems we need to reassess some of our long-held stereotypes, according to a new survey that has found a third of white van men are actually women.

The survey was commissioned by Volkswagen to see how van drivers have changed compared to public perceptions.
Of the 1,000 drivers questioned, 57 percent own a smart phone and more than 40 percent of them said they have ditched pasties in favour of eating salads on the move. More than a third of those surveyed even admitted to enjoying the odd film, play or a spot of opera.

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles head of marketing, David George, said: "Our research looked to challenge some of the more outdated perceptions of modern van drivers and it certainly has. Van drivers have most certainly kept up with the times."

Six out of ten of the drivers polled said that they regularly use social networking sites, including 20 percent who use twitter. Let's hope they don't use them when driving.

Whilst the survey might have dispelled misconceptions about the cultural habits of so-called white van man, we're still not convinced he's driving any better...
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