Hamilton: "It could be down to the driver"

After the first day of free practice in Korea, Lewis Hamilton und Jenson Button were looking and sounding confident about the rest of the weekend, though Hamilton sees a threat coming from a number of directions: "At the start of the first free practice session, the track seemed to be suiting us better than the other teams." Then the opposition started to use less downforce to try and match McLaren's top speed.
"That's OK by us, though," added Hamilton. "We're still fast on the straights, which is excellent for us. We also seem to be strong in the middle sector. The rear wing appears to be working properly, and we've got other new parts here, so things are looking positive. The situation at the top continues to be tight. The Renaults look fast, Ferrari are fast and the same goes for Red Bull. The vehicles themselves are pretty much on a par, so this time it may well come down which driver gets the maximum out of his car."

By the time qualifying comes round, Hamilton aims to have solved the remaining problems with his car, which were showing up chiefly in the handling and in the balance. Then, it's simply full speed ahead. He doesn't want the title chase to be a distraction: "It's just one more race on the calendar. There are three of them left and I've got nothing to lose and everything to gain. The pressure is entirely on the others. It's the same as any other point in the season. I'm simply aiming to score as many points as possible. By this stage, of course, it's a bit more critical. But I've been doing this since I was eight, so it's nothing new for me."
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