No secret identity required for auction winner as Stig helmet fetches £3,400

A white helmet formerly used by Top Gear's tame racing driver has fetched £3,400 at auction.

It was given to former production co-ordinator Sophia Vaizey as a leaving present, and clearly Ben Collins has no use for it anymore, preferring life with his face visible.
The helmet was expected to reach a guide price of £1200 at the auction in Lewes yesterday, but reached nearly three times that as buyers got excited.

It was signed by Ben Collins, presenter Richard Hammond and members of the crew.

Mrs Vaizey said: "The Stig wore it on the show for quite a while.

"I was quite surprised when they gave it to me but also I felt honoured."

She said she sold the helmet in order to raise money to buy a house – and hey, if Jeremy Clarkson can sell a Stig soap on a rope and Ben Collins his autobiography why shouldn't someone else get in on the action?
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