The 1,000mph Bloodhound heads to London

The Bloodhound SSC, the British car that aims to set a new land speed record at 1,000mph, has been sat on The Strand in London before taking up a display spot at Coutts Bank.

The jet and rocket powered car will have had its wings clipped by the inner city location – apparently it has a turning circle of 120m – but if it needs to clear a space to turn then the 45 feet of flame that shoots out of the rear will come in handy. Mind you, the emissions created would set back much of the work the Congestion Charge has allegedly being doing over the last few years.
Private bank Coutts and Co is playing host to a replica of the ultimate car until the end of next week – the Bloodhound will be in its headquarters on The Strand until 30 October.

Apart from the obvious celebration of the British team's efforts so far, the SSC is on display as part of an education programme that is aimed at inspiring young people to begin a career in science, maths and technology.

Apparently as many as 4,000 UK schools have signed up to take part in the Bloodhound education programme, so the hope is that any future land speed attempts will also be British built.

"We are extremely grateful to Coutts for their generosity in allowing us to showcase BLOODHOUND in London" said Richard Noble, Project Director. "We have no way of knowing how Londoners will respond to all this, but given the terrific response Bloodhound SSC gets around the world, we hope they'll want to join this adventure too."

A section of the funding has come from a scheme that allows you to pay £10 to have your name written on the tail fin of the car. As many as 5,000 have signed up so far, and anyone interested in joining the project should go to here to sign up and be part of the record attempt.

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