Gran Turismo 5 no-holds-barred 1483bhp racer revealed

Gran Turismo 5 may be facing yet another delay, but that hasn't stopped us from salivating over the recently revealed specification of the Red Bull X1 racing prototype.

Polyphony Digital released some teaser material about the car it developed jointly with Red Bull not long ago, but now the X1 has been given exclusive coverage in the latest issue of CAR magazine.
The prototype is the brainchild of Gran Turismo's creator, Kazunori Yamauchi, who wanted to find out what a racing car would look like if it were freed of any rules or regulations.

To turn the idea into a reality the game's developer asked Arian Newey (arguably the world's finest Formula One designer) to let his imagination run wild.

The result is undeniably spectacular. Despite not going anywhere near a wind tunnel the X1 is a slave to aerodynamic finesse. The wheels and cockpit are enclosed to reduce drag and there's a huge fan at the rear to help sucker the 545kg machine to the tarmac with 2,500kg of downforce at 186mph.

That isn't the top speed, though. Instead of a conventional engine, Newey selected a gas turbine as the X1's power plant for its low weight and (predicted) 1,483bhp output. With a calculator and a bit of guesswork, Polyphony has pegged the rear-wheel drive car's top speed at 249mph.

If that all sounds bewilderingly technical, here is a straight fact – Sebastian Vettel was the first man to try out the X1 on Gran Turismo 5 at Suzuka, and he immediately beat the best time he'd set at the track in real life in an F1 car. By almost 20 seconds.

We can't wait. But we must.

To read the full story of the X1, including a full set of pictures, pick up the latest copy of CAR.
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