Video: Chrylser shoehorns V10 Viper engine into barmy 300C

Nic Cackett

The Chrysler 300C isn't to everyone's taste, but we've always had a secret soft spot for the big ugly slice of Americana. Sure, it's light years behind the European competition, but it offers Tony Soprano presence for Phil Mitchell money and a huge interior to boot.

Of course, the other benefit of its sheer size is that any manner of things can be squeezed under the bonnet. Take, for example, the 600bhp 8.4-litre V10 engine currently powering the Dodge Viper.

Who'd be crazy enough to attempt that? Well, Chrysler themselves apparently. This video is from Dodge's own official blog so there's clearly official weight behind the silver attention-getter. There's not much to the clip accept epic noise and a whole lotta potential.

Click below to watch.