101 ways to ride your scooter and none of them legal

David Hobbs

Scooters - we've all got an opinion on them whether we think they're essential accessories for cool, urban living or just wannabe motorbikes that sound like an annoying wasp.

Here in the UK, scooters conjured up a particular image for many a year - that of a mod heading off for yet another weekend of handbags with the rockers at some faded seaside town.

Nowadays, of course, you can hardly move in the city without seeing some trendy metrosexual dodging the lines of black cabs and, most recently in London, the legions of Boris Bikers on the crowded streets.

So, it's a welcome relief to find that in some parts of the world, there are plenty of people with enough time on their hands to perfect their scooter skills. It may not help their life expectancy, but it's enough to give us all a chuckle as our two videos show.