Bugatti Veyron test drive ends after a couple of metres and a collision

If you are about to get into a £1m Bugatti Veyron for a test drive with a view to buying one, chances are you are going to be a little nervous.

Any car fan that has worked hard, saved their pennies, and finally got to the stage of considering buying the ultimate supercar on sale today is bound to get a little lost in the moment and perhaps miss a few things around them. Like other cars on the road.

That's what happened to this potential Bugatti owner in America, who, with this effort, is challenging for the title of Shortest Test Drive Ever. The bump is low speed, but Veyrons are not cheap, and internet gossip puts the cost of the damage at about $30,000. Some of that may well be from the scraping of the car on the pavement as the car is reversed out. We're not sure who will foot the bill for this one, but we're glad it isn't us.

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