BMW owners even angrier than white van men, claims new survey

BMW drivers were named the nation's angriest motorists yesterday by a poll of road users.

Owners of the German brand's cars were considered furious enough to push white van men into second place on's survey of 3,000 drivers.
Over half of those quizzed claimed they had encountered road rage with someone behind the wheel of a BMW. Audi, Ford and Land Rover drivers completed the ill-tempered top five.

They were far from alone, though – the survey revealed a shocking drop in the patience and general mood of Britain's motorists, with 65 per cent claiming they met at least one intimidating driver for every hour spent on the road.

Offensive gestures, tailgating and aggressive speeding were cited as the tell-tale signs of an angry motorist.

The overwhelming majority were men, with a quarter of those questioned (23 per cent) claiming they'd been confronted by an aggressive driver who actually got out of their car to continue an argument.

Over ten per cent believed they had been involved in an accident which could be attributed to road rage.

Commenting on the poll, GoCompare's Chief Operating Officer Lee Griffin, said: "It only takes one wrong decision or thoughtless maneuver to cause a really serious accident - and if you're thinking about waving an angry fist at someone, your full attention isn't on the road."
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