BSM performs turn-in-the-road and ditches Fiat for Vauxhall

The UK's biggest driving school has performed an emergency stop and a turn in the road and dropped the Fiat 500s it has been using for the past 18 months and gone back to the Vauxhall Corsas that it used to have.

The entire 3,250 strong fleet of 500s will be replaced by the Corsas, and BSM says the decision has been taken after consultation with its instructors. As many as 80 percent said that they preferred Corsa and wanted their old cars back. The original deal with Fiat was signed for four years in 2009, but BSM has activated a break clause to get out of the contract early.
One of the problems the instructors had with the Fiats was the lack of space in the back seat, which is needed every couple of years so instructors can be observed while taking a driving lesson in order to make sure they are up to scratch.

The other things that BSM said its instructors preferred about the Corsa were its uprated power steering, the bigger instruments on the panel and the inclusion of air conditioning.

The Corsas will each spend a year on the BSM fleet before returning to Vauxhall. The fleet will be a mixture of 1.2-litre and 1.4-litre 5-door vehicles, and the deal is running indefinitely.

"While we enjoyed a successful 18-month relationship with Fiat, we have found that by listening to our core audience and stakeholders, and being able to implement their feedback with Vauxhall, we are in a position to provide, quite simply, the best learner car on the market," said Nikolai Kesting, BSM's CEO.

"The fact that British School of Motoring is again supporting British manufacturing is an added bonus."
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