The weird world of insurance policies

Caroline Cassidy

You've got your home insured, your car insured and animal-lovers more than likely have their beloved pets insured. But these days companies will insure just about anything given the right premium.

Car crashed into lamppost
Car crashed into lamppost

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From Dolly Parton's boobs ($300,000) to Mariah Carey's legs ($1 billion - yes, really), there's a whole world of insurance policies out there that mean you'll be handsomely compensated for, well... just about anything.

We're sure you'd agree that the bootylicious behind of Jennifer Lopez deserves to be covered with a $27 million insurance policy, and that craggy Rolling Stone Keith Richards' middle finger is worth $1.6 million.

But Tom Jones is rumoured to have insured his famous chest hair for a massive $7,000,000, while back in the 1980s, David Lee Roth of Van Halen, concerned that one of his on stage heroics may end in disaster, reportedly had his semen insured for $1 million.

And things get weirder still - did you know that more than 20,000 people in the US pay a premium in case of alien abduction?

One Paul Hucker insured himself for $1.5 million in the event that he was abducted, impregnated or eaten by visitors from a distant planet.

Meanwhile three Scottish virgins reportedly became so convinced that God would provide them with an immaculate conception that they arranged a $1.5 million policy just in case.

Golf courses or competitions offering a prize for a hole-in-one are, more often than not, insured for $50,000... so it's definitely worth a shot.

But on the ever-so-slightly scary side, the Birmingham Sea Life aquarium, who insisted that their new giant Japanese spider crab (it's 10-feet across) posed no danger to the public, later took out a $1.5million policy... against visitor death or dismemberment.

And when Thailand erupted with riots and demonstrations, the government was so keen to attract tourists that it offered $10,000 coverage for anyone brave enough to holiday in the country.

Still, by the sound of it, Thailand may prove a safer option than Birmingham Sea Life centre.