Fenice Milano gives the Fiat 500C the golden touch

Times are clearly hard at luxury car modifier Fenice Milano, for its latest project is not based on one of the supercars from Ferrari, Rolls-Royce or the like.

Instead the company's latest exercise in gaudiness is the Fenice Gold Fiat 500C, a car which you can pick up in unmolested form for as little as £12,465. But the clue to the selling point of Fenice's creation is in the name – it features several precious materials, including 24 carat gold.
The front and rear wing, the side pillars, sill mouldings, headlights, door mirrors, logos, door mirrors and even the 17-inch wheels are all finished in 24k gold, while the company is even doing a limited edition with flecks of gold in the paintwork.

The interior gets a workover too, with the large round speedo moved to the centre of the dashboard, where it gets a gold surround, while the rest of the dash gets a teak finish. The teak theme also extends to the floor, where it has been used in place of carpets.

Fenice has yet to announce a price for its creation, but the only people who will buy one will have more money than sense anyway, so it will be able to charge whatever it fancies.

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