Aston Martin confirms the Cygnet and plans to sell it to anyone

Aston Martin has confirmed it will be making its opinion-dividing Cygnet city car, with the first examples set to roll out of the company's Gaydon plant next year.

The Cygnet, which is based on Toyota's iQ city car, will sell for something in the region of £30,000 when it arrives next summer. In a change from what was thought to be the original plan, Aston Martin will offer it to anyone, and not just to existing customers.
Current Aston Martin owners will get priority, though, if they want to buy the luxury city car, but they will have to get used to an engine that is slightly smaller than the one in their DB9 or Rapide.

"The powertrain won't change (from the one offered in the Toyota iQ)," said an Aston Martin spokesman. "We are not going to stick a V8 in it."

This means the Cygnet will come with the 1.33-litre, 97bhp engine that comes in the top of the range iQ.

The spokesman also confirmed that there is unlikely to be a limit on the amount of Cygnets that the company builds.

"We'll go with demand," he said. "But we are only a small company so we will not chuck them out in the tens of thousands."

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