Hat trick of crashes for Hamilton

At the present time, it would seem that nothing is going right for Lewis Hamilton. After two retirements in succession, the McLaren driver wanted to hold nothing back in Suzuka but his initial salvo fell wide of the mark. During first practice Friday, he crashed into the barriers on the Degner turn. Lewis went over the kerbs then skidded onto the gravel and was unable to avoid the wall. His near-side front wheel buckled and practice came to an early end.
"I was only on my second, fast lap, a very fast lap. I didn't go that wide - it wasn't that big an off - but the gravel was extremely slippery at that point and I slid into the wall," said Hamilton. According to initial reports, the MP4-25's chassis has had to be changed and the damage to the rear wing is such that new components must be shipped out to Japan from England as quickly as possible.

"We've got two updates on the car, one of which was damaged in the accident and so will be out of action this weekend but what is much worst is that I've not had much driving time. It's important to put in plenty of laps around this track, so that you can find your rhythm," explained Hamilton. "When you look at the TV footage, the crash doesn't look that bad but the car sustained a lot of damage. Quite a few drivers made bigger mistakes today and suffered much less. But the guys did an incredible repair job," he added.
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