Anderson Germany decides the Bentley GT Supersports isn't insane enough

The Bentley GT Supersports is quick – 621bhp, 0-62mph in 3.7 seconds type quick – but one of its most appealing qualities is that it is elegant in a relatively understated way.

Tuning company Anderson Germany has decided to stick its middle finger firmly in the air at this idea though, and turned the GT Supersports into a shiny, snarling beast with a gaudy plastic bodykit. It's pretty shouty stuff – the skirt alone looks like it has been tacked on in a back-street garage.
The engine guys at the company have decided that the most powerful Continental wasn't beastly enough, and has increased the output to 685bhp. A series of software upgrades, a sports air filter add the numbers, while a valve controlled exhaust system has been added to produce what we imagine sounds like the roar of the devil after he has stubbed his toe and broken his favourite mug.

The satanic theme continues with the paintjob, which has been dubbed as "devilish grey". As with most of these monstrosities created by tuners these days, it has a matte finish.

Thankfully only 300 of the body kits – which fit any Continental - will be made. Keep an eye on your local footballer's car park to see it for real, but you have been warned.

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