Hamilton aims to make up for mistakes

Twice, Lewis Hamilton attempted a bold overtaking manoeuvre, and twice, his race came to a premature end. After the DNFs at Monza and in Singapore, the gap on championship leader Mark Webber has widened to 20 points. All the same, Hamilton is in buoyant mood: "It's just great to be still in with a chance of taking the title, even though I had two horrible races. I'll now be doing my level best to make up for those two mistakes."

Hamilton makes no attempt to shift the blame: "I know that I made an error at Monza, and I also acknowledge that I was at least partly at fault for what happened in the last race. But that's motor racing for you. It makes no difference who you blame or whether you sweep it under the carpet - you just have to accept that it's happened."
The pressure on the McLaren driver remains high. "Everyone is under pressure," says Hamilton. "But we thrive on it. It sorts the men form the boys. To some extent, I put myself under pressure. It never goes away. Because it's simply not acceptable to have the sort of race that I've recently had. I intend to carry on attacking and overtaking whenever I can. Hopefully, the car will be fast enough, because that will certainly make my job a lot easier this weekend."

"We don't have all that many new parts going into the car this time," he continues. "But we still regard it as a major upgrade package. It consists of just a few key components which we expect to deliver a noticeable improvement in performance. We're constantly improving our car, but everyone else is doing the same. Red Bull will be really fast here, but hopefully not much faster than us."
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