Räikkönen: 100% not signing for Renault

Although Kimi Räikkönen has been out of GP racing for the whole of this season, he actually made more headlines in the coverage of Formula One this week than many of the current crop of drivers. Renault were the most blatant of the name-droppers, presumably to exert pressure on their number-two driver Vitaly Petrov and his potential replacements.

But it seems that Renault may have played the Kimi card once too often. The former F1 world champion expressed his annoyance in the Finnish daily Turun Sanomat: "I'm very disappointed by the way they've been using my name for marketing purposes."
According to the current Citroen Junior driver, his manager contacted Renault on one occasion several weeks ago to discuss opportunities for a possible return to Formula One. "I have never seriously considered driving for Renault, and I can assure you now with 100% certainty that I won't be driving for them next year."

Which should come as no surprise. However, the fact is that Räikkönen will also have benefited from the initial rumours and speculation. But his real agenda was securing an extension to his contract with Red Bull at Citroen or touting for custom with another rally outfit such as Monster Ford or Mini. So one way or another, both parties in this muddled story seem to have used it to their advantage. But the novelty is now starting to wear thin.
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