Toyota - four new eco cars in the next three years

Environmentally-friendly motoring continues to be a dominant theme of the Paris motor show.

Not to be outdone at the show with all the EV and hybrid prototypes being unveiled, Toyota was keen to announce four new eco models over the next three years.
First to market in 2012 will be the plug-in Prius, for which Toyota claims 107mpg and just 59g/km CO2 emissions. This is because the beefier lithium-ion batteries will power the car for 12 miles after a plug-in charge.

Also in 2012 there will be a hybrid version of the next-generation Yaris available – this was announced at the same time Honda unveiled its hybrid Jazz, so expect sparks to fly in the fight for sales in that category.

The Yaris will have a smaller engine that the standard Prius hybrid, but will use the same electronic system and ni-mh batteries.

Toyota hopes to have an iQ EV on sale in Japan by 2012, but no decision has yet been taken on whether that will make it to UK shores. That car will be built in Japan and have a range of just 60 miles.

The final car to be announced by Toyota was the RAV4 EV, a car we reported on last month as the first fruits of the recently-established relationship between Tesla and Toyota.

It has been reported that the two companies are aiming for a range of 150 miles with the RAV4 EV. That car should reach the UK in 2013, using architecture developed by Tesla.
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