Non-invasive ways to turn back time

It may seem like everyone is going under the knife these days but there are way to turn back time without surgery. Take a look at our best anti-ageing tips.
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Exfoliation is a great way to achieve younger-looking skin. Skin starts to look dull and grey as you age because cell production slows. Try using a serum on your skin as well as your usual moisturiser.

Always use a sunscreen. It's a great way to protect your skin from all sorts of harmful influences like UV light, smoke and pollution.

Choose an anti-ageing cream that suits your skin type. Look for creams that contain ingredients such as peptides, retinol and antioxidants. Vitamin C and E are also good great for healthy looking skin.

A key ingredient when it comes to keeping your skin looking young are peptides. These anti-agers help older skin produce collagen and hyaluronic acid. This provides moisture to the skin allowing it to repair itself like younger skin.

Look out for products like Estee Lauder Perfectionist Power Correcting Patches (£38 for three). It is a targeted treatment with a bio-peptide to help reduce the look of lines and wrinkles. Other great products include Olay Regenerist (£17.95), with peptide. Try Pal-KTTKS or RoC Retin- Ox+Day SPF 15 (£24.95).

Another way to fight the hands of time is to keep those facial muscles toned. Facial exercises will help you maintain a youthful appearance. Try making vowels sounds out loud in an exaggerated manner.

What about a facial massage? This can help stimulate circulation and improve skin condition. A good facial massage will also help with lymphatic drainage.

Keeping your skin in great condition is not just about what you put on it you need to be careful what you eat too. Sugar should be avoided or kept to a minimum as should processed carbs. Make sure you get plenty of Omega 3 fatty acids in your diet, found in salmon and walnuts.

It's important to stay hydrated if you want your skin to look its best and avoid smoking, which will harm your skin and accelerate the ageing process.

The first place to show passing of the years is the area around the eye. Every squint and twitch slowly builds towards a new wrinkle. You can fight this process with Garnier Ultralift Eye Cream (£8.99). It contains ginger, a powerful anti-wrinkler. It's currently the UK's best selling eye cream.

Then there is Avon's Anew Clinical Eye Lift (£15 for 2x10ml). It contains two products that target specific problems. The Upper Eye Gel boosts elastin and collagen. This helps prevent drooping skin on the eyelids. The Under Eye Cream helps accelerate cellular metabolism under the eye.

Instead of Botox you could try a gentler alternative like Bio-Medic Siax Hepta Muscle Relaxant (£45) It's a mild muscle relaxant that helps ease expression lines and wrinkles. It also contains active hepta-peptides, which decrease muscular contractions.
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