Yoga to be kidding, say badly-parked drivers

The city of Cambridge, Massachusetts in America has turned to its 'artist in residence' for help calming residents down when they've been issued with a parking ticket.

The answer? Pictures of stress-relieving yoga positions on the envelope.
The city's head of transportation, Susan Clippinger, said the city wanted to "debunk the idea that all parking tickets are a hostile action. We're not writing tickets to get somebody. We're writing tickets to help make the city function."

The city gives out 340,000 parking tickets a year, but now there are 40,000 yoga tickets to ensure that illegally-parked drivers stay relaxed.

Surprisingly, not all drivers are quite so zen about the moves. As he paid his parking ticket, local resident Andrew Buote said: "Find out how much money it cost. That's how much money they wasted."

The Cambridge Arts Council, which sent artist Daniel Peltz on his one-week residency at the beginning of September, said: "Peltz learned that the aim of the Department of Traffic, Parking and Transportation was to maintain flow in the city, which led him to imagine a more peaceful exchange between Parking Control Officers and drivers being ticketed."

As street art goes, it's not quite Banksy.
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