Video: Racer walks from crash that reduces car to shell

Belgian racing driver Caroline Grifnee amazingly walked away from this staggering crash at Silverstone last weekend.

Grifnee was competing in the Renault Eurocup Megane Trophy when she was forced out towards the edge of the track. She clipped the kerb, and her car flipped into the air, rotating a full five times before it came to a halt.

Normally teams can do a good job of putting a crashed car back together, but as Grifnee's Megane was reduced to little more than the spaceframe, it is likely this one will not race again. Thankfully, as Grifnee was able to walk out of the car and is reportedly now fine, it seems she will be able to compete again before long.

Click below to check out the videos of the crash.

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