Maradona's Porsche comes with a penalty

A Porsche 924 bought by Argentinean football legend Diago Maradona in 1980 is up for sale in Buenos Aires, and if you don't want to be upset by the price, look away now.

Car salesman Federico Gaspari is selling the brown sports car for a whopping £320,000.

The brown leather interior is in good condition and the car has been looked after by subsequent owners – a rarity for an ex-Maradona car because he crashed so many of them.

The Porsche should be worth about £3,000 ordinarily, but clearly Gaspari feels that the hand of God having touched the steering wheel warrants a price bump. Whether he gets anywhere near his asking price remains to be seen.

In the UK, a Mini Cooper GP owned by Wayne Rooney recently sold for £13,450 – obviously Rooney has some way to go before he achieves true greatness.

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