Irish drivers to go 155 miles without a pee

Irish motorists are facing the prospect of driving the 115 miles from Dublin to Cork without the opportunity to stop at a service station as the government has admitted it has run out of cash to build any.

The National Roads Authority in Ireland has confirmed that the M6 (Dublin to Galway), M7 (Dublin to Limerick), M8 (Dublin to Cork) and M9 (Kilcullen to Waterford) will all have to go without service stations as there isn't any more money available.
Instead, the motorways will get a series of signs pointing drivers to appropriate facilities off the main road. A total of 130 will be erected in order to direct motorists to nearby villages for food, petrol and toilets.

The signs themselves will not be cheap, coming to a reported total of 200,000 Euros. The AA in Ireland was suitably unimpressed.

Conor Faughnan, AA director of policy, told RTE radio: "It's a pretty poor half measure in all honesty, it does rather devalue the motorway network.

"I guess it's a sign of the times, they are pleading that they simply don't have the money."
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