Audi set to light up the London sky

A robotic invasion will hit London's Trafalgar Square on Thursday with a 10-ton structure set to dominate the inner city landmark.

The eight-armed monster is arriving courtesy of Audi and Outrace, and is made up of industrial robotic arms from the car maker's production line.
But the huge octopus is not just on display to show us capital dwellers what sort of machinery the Germans have at their command, it is also set to project messages in the sky, messages sent in by anyone.

Log on to the installation's website and send a message of no more than 70 characters. If your words of wisdom are chosen, then the robots will weave their magic and display them in the sky using lights from the R15 racing car. The messages will be projected one letter at a time at heights of up to 3.5m.

And it seems that anything goes with Outrace encouraging contributors to "be creative, be simple, be subversive, be honest, be poetic, be naughty, be yourself, be funny, be serious, be thoughtful."

Chosen texts will also be recorded by a series of high-resolution SLR cameras and emailed to the author and posted on video sites such as YouTube. The octopus is part of the London Design Festival and will be on display until 23 September. Vorsprung durch technik indeed.

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