Electric car trials show users treating them like normal cars

Trials of the new electric Mini have shown that drivers are using them in much the same way as normal cars on a daily basis, although they cannot be relied upon as an only vehicle.

The first phase of the Mini E trial has shown that the average daily drive is only marginally different to those of standard Mini Cooper and BMW 1 series drivers. The average trip distance was 8.5 miles, just under a reported national average of 8.6 miles.
However, many of the triallists said that their Minis were not suitable as an only vehicle, with 89 percent saying that they were unable to use the cars on longer journeys thanks to the range of no more than 149 miles. Normal driving brings this down to a realistic range of around 112 miles, according to Mini.

The other issue is space, with 67 percent of the Mini drivers saying they have had to leave it at home as they needed more than the two seats of the electric car.

Users said they liked the convenience of home charging, the lack of noise and the fact they were driving a zero-emission vehicle. As well as the range and space issues, they were less keen on the sub-standard performance during the cold winter weather.
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