Audi S1 apparently confirmed for Paris

Audi will launch the hot version of its A1 supermini, the S1, at the Paris motor show according to details revealed on the organisers' website.

The S1 is listed alongside the A7 as a model to be revealed in France, but unlike many other manufacturers, Audi has yet to reveal any information about its new car.

An Audi spokesman was coy on the matter, saying only that there would be a 'new A1 variation' on the stand at Paris.

Styling is expected to be a development of the S-line model pictured above.
The hot hatch expected to use the 1.4-litre turbocharged engine that also features in the Skoda Fabia vRS and the Seat Ibiza Cupra, and in a change to recent tradition for S-badged models, will be front-wheel drive rather than four-wheel drive.

Its sights will be set squarely on the Mini Cooper S, so we can reasonably expect a 0-62mph of approximately 7 seconds and a top speed of around 140mph.

The Audi A1, of which the S1 will be the hot hatch version, was launched last month to critical acclaim, and goes on sale in November.

Of course, purists might be upset at the S1 moniker being used for a mere city car, however fast it might be – click below to see why.

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