Video: Lancia Stratos on test

German television has filmed an interview with the wealthy businessman behind the resurrection of the Lancia Stratos, Michael Stoschek.

In the interview, accompanied by footage of the Stratos prototype being tested at a go-karting track, Stoschek cites the retro feel of the Fiat 500 and Mercedes SLS as inspiration for the project.

"There are lots of remakes of classic cars from the past around right now. There are no more Stratoses being built and I think the car has really earned it. I'm not doing much professionally at the moment so I can really focus on my hobbies - the idea of building a car like this has been on my mind for decades."

He won't say what it is costing him, but given that it uses a Ferrari 430 Scuderia donor chassis and engine with the rest designed bespoke by Pininfarina, it's got to be a lot. Stoschek hopes that the car will be ready by November and there's a small chance of a limited production run – click below to watch the video.
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