Ford projects S-Max promo onto buildings

A 3D climber, complete with crampons and rather racy leg-wear, scaled a skyscraper in central London last week as part of a promotion for the freshly facelifted S-Max MPV.

Rather than spend its marketing money on billboards, Ford decided to project six-minute laser show onto buildings in London last week and this week in Liverpool, in the hope that sequence will appear on social media channels and promote the S-Max in a more intriguing way than billboards do.Senate House in London and the Ventilation Building in Liverpool were apparently encased with ice before being tackled by a life-size –and at one point, giant-size - 3D climber. Audience members could shoot blocks of ice off the building using laser guns, giving the scene something of an impressively cartoon-like quality.

Your reporter struggled to get an image of the ice-wrapped building with his Blackberry – the image resembled a ghostly puddle – but you can get a better impression in this video.

The results are moderately dramatic, although I'm not sure it would make me any more likely to rush and buy an S-Max, fine device though it is.
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